Your Pool Area Lighting

Electricians are always interested in changes in our industry, and LED lights are a relative newcomer to pool lighting. In a pool situation, LED lighting represents a terrific upgrade over traditional pool lighting. While we talk about lighting in terms of the pool, these options also include other water fixtures, such as waterfalls and fountains.

Here we talk about some of the reasons LED pool lighting is an excellent option for the pool and pool area.


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We fear what we can’t see. While swimming at night, we’re also inclined to run into it and hurt ourselves, or, in this case, swim into it and hurt ourselves. So, pool lighting is a fabulous way to stay safe because swimmers can see what is in the water. Also, every horror movie ever made with water in it tells us that visibility in the water is a good thing.

Even LED landscape lighting around the pool makes sense, because a lit pool surrounded by darkness is creepy and not safe. If a pool owner thinks of lighting in terms of layers in and around the pool, their lighting will be commendable, and they can never go wrong. Setting these lights on timers or motion detectors will be more convenient and lower operating costs.


The economics of LED lighting is indisputable. LED's cost less to operate for the same number of lumens. But, more importantly, they last longer than traditional incandescent lights, between fifteen and twenty times longer. For a pool owner, this means less replacement, which is terrific. It more than justifies their higher price, which is eventually recovered by the lower operating costs alone,


A beautifully lit pool provides an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. What is more, LED lighting can be stunning and offers unprecedented control, color, and style options.

Floating pool lights are also an option which adds an interesting effect, especially for a party or celebration.

Fiber Optic Lighting

It would be remiss not to say a few words about fiber optic lighting. Fiber optic lighting can produce an incredible dynamic in pool lighting. However, it’s about double the cost of LED lights, and it only lasts half (or less) as long. Fiber optic lighting certainly has merits, which we may discuss in a future blog.

If you’re considering a pool lighting upgrade, talk to your electrician about the options which might be right for your pool. A little lighting money, well spent, will add to the ambiance of your pool, waterfall, or fountain, and is a wise investment in the safety of those who spend time around your pool at night.

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