Warm Weather Electrical Tasks

The weather is warming up, which means it’s time to do a few maintenance tasks which will make your home cooler, save you money, and help your appliances work better through the hot days of summer. A little attention can go a long way with these devices, which don’t get dirty because your house is dirty; they get dirty from their attraction to certain kinds of gunk. If you’re concerned about your electrical system, want an upgrade or just an annual check-up, call your electrician before the heavy load days.

Here are some things you can do on your own:

Change your filter


Your HVAC takes the brunt of harsh summer heat, which makes lightening the load for this household workhorse a given. Change the air filter, and then, depending on your unit and usage, check it monthly. The easier it is for the HVAC to draw air through the filter, the better it runs.

Clean out your dryer vent

If you’d like to do something which can prevent a fire, why not clean out your dryer vent? Unplug the dryer, and if it’s gas, shut off the gas. Pull the unit out from the wall and disconnect the clamp from the hose. With a vacuum hose and dryer vent brush, clean out the opening in the dryer, reaching up as high as you can go. Clean the hose (which you disconnected) in the same manner. Once you reconnect the hose, go outdoors to the flap casing, remove it from the wall, and thoroughly clean the hole using the vacuum/brush combo. Reattach the flap casing, then return to the dryer and slide it back into position, being extremely careful not to crush the dryer vent.

Clean the lint trap with a toothbrush under some hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly before returning it to the slot in the dryer.

Switch ceiling fans


Ceiling fan blades should go in the counterclockwise direction in summer to cool the area below. First, turn the fan off. If the ceiling fan operates with a wall switch, put a piece of tape over the switch. Use a ladder or other steady platform to reach the fan, which should have the means to change the direction on the side of the base. While you’re up there, why not swipe the blades clean and change the burned out light bulbs if it has any?

Clean the refrigerator coils

Slide the refrigerator away from the wall and unplug it. Some fridges have the condenser coils on the back (older models). Newer models have the coils at the bottom of the refrigerator. You may have to remove the grill. If there is a condenser pan (which may or may not have water in it), empty it. Some don’t even have them. The coils should be treated gently. If you damage one, you’re going to need to call for a repair. Use a refrigerator condenser coil brush (Big box store, about $5) and a vacuum. Don’t forget to plug the refrigerator back in when you’re finished.

So, take a couple of hours, do some of these maintenance chores, and it will make your home safer and lower your electricity bill. If you have questions or problems with your electrical outlets, lighting, fixtures, circuit breaker box, or some other electrical problem, give us a call! We’d be glad to help.

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