Top Reasons for a Ceiling Fan Replacement

Isn’t this fascinating?

Isn’t this fascinating?

With the temperatures in the Metro Phoenix area creeping upward, it’s time to look around at our ceiling fans and see if any of them (or all of them) might need to be replaced. In fact, they’re such an attractive fixture that most homes have fans in more than one room. Moving the air even slightly can bring huge relief. The air isn’t cooler, but you feel less sticky in areas where the air is moving.

A ceiling fan is handy in the winter to push the warmer air downward, but most people limit their ceiling fan use to summer; it’s cheaper than using air conditioning when the temperatures are warm, but not unbearable. Even a little air movement can bring quite a lot of comfort.

Here are some reasons people call us to replace their fans:

Outdated or no longer fits the decor

Decor styles in fans have come a long way since they became a standard fixture, and a homeowner may be looking for something different. Sometimes replacing the fan, because it’s such a prominent feature, can change the whole feeling or ambiance of a room. The new fans that have hit the market lately have some great looks, so when a homeowner remodels, they decide to update the fan, too.

Modern minimalist.

Modern minimalist.

Doesn’t offer the features the homeowner wants

Sometimes a fan fixture is in a location where lighting would also be of great benefit, but the fan doesn’t have a light feature.  Maybe the homeowner wants the fan to have a remote control or have Smart appliance features to make it more convenient.

Makes strange sounds, wobbles, or has missing functions


Sometimes the fan originally came with lighting, but that no longer works. The fan might be broken, make odd sounds or even wobble. Fixing it might be cheaper than replacing it, especially if the homeowner is partial to the style.

A fan is such an essential fixture in the Phoenix area. If your current fan is problematic, doesn’t have the features you want or no longer suits the room, give us a call. We have the tools, training, and equipment to upgrade, replace, or repair the fans in your home.

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