Ten Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Face it, everyone wants a lower electric bill. In light of that, we’re offering some energy-saving tips for your consideration:


1. Turn off your lights and other electronics when you leave the room

Parents have been yelling at their children about this for as long as there have been electric bills, probably before that, with candles. The simple act of turning off the lights and TV off when you leave the room can cut down on your electric bill by over $100 a year.

2. Unplug electronics & appliances when not in use

Even when they’re off, a lot of electronics have things called a “ghost current”, where a small amount of electricity just runs through the appliance/electronic and goes back out again without doing anything. Taking an extra moment to unplug your things will save you down the line.

3. Get energy efficient appliances

Time has been kind to electric bills, at least in regards to the appliances; more and more appliances are coming with the energy efficient ratings. If you upgrade your appliances to those with a high energy star rating, very soon you’ll find the cost of the appliance will be absorbed by the savings on your electric bill.

4. Keep your fridge and freezer full

Even gallons of water to fill the space will help your fridge operate more efficiently.

Even gallons of water to fill the space will help your fridge operate more efficiently.

Every time you open your fridge or freezer the cold air escapes and must be replaced when you close it again. Solids and liquids hold onto the chill much more efficiently than air does. So when you open your refrigerator and it’s mostly air, it’s going to cost more to keep it at a stable cold temperature than if it was full.

5. Upgrade your lightbulbs to energy efficient LEDs

LEDs are the most efficient type of bulb on the market. Replacing all the bulbs in your home can save you upwards of $100 a year, and if you go the extra step of turning them off when you’re not in the room, it’ll save you even more.

6. Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can keep your rooms feeling 4 degrees cooler (or warmer, depending on if you’ve got them set up rotating clockwise or counterclockwise), and run at a lower electric rate than your air conditioner would. Having and properly utilizing your ceiling fans can make your home not just more comfortable, but cheaper too.

7. Change your filters

On your heating or cooling systems, changing your filters will allow the air to flow through much easier—requiring less energy to force it through. This also applies to your dryer, make sure the lint trap stays very clean.

8. Install dimmer switches

Having your lights at full blast all the time isn’t entirely necessary and uses more electricity than if they were running at half-level. Dimmer switches give you the opportunity to change the settings on the lights and use no more than you need.

9. Turn down your water heater temperature

Your water heater accounts for nearly 13% of the average electric bill. Turning down the temperature, or installing a tank-less system, could reduce your electric costs significantly.

Be caulk-u-lating about insulating your home!

Be caulk-u-lating about insulating your home!

10. Insulate.

Nothing will reduce your cooling bill more than having a properly insulated home will. If your home is insulated correctly your cold air won’t leak out, and you won’t have to keep filling your home with cold air.  

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