The Beauty of an Electric Fireplace

Since man was able to harness the power of fire, we’ve been huddling around fires for warmth, light, and companionship. We love to watch the flickering flames and dream about our favorite things. (Everyone has a different take on what’s worth your thoughts!) The point is that we love a fire as a means of zone heating and, well, zoning out.

But fireplaces have a few drawbacks. Enter the electric fireplace. It provides warmth, light, and the means to attract others in the way which it has for thousands of years.

Here are some benefits of electric fireplaces:

No mess or cleanup


Burning logs and wood not only requires the acquisition of those items, but it also creates quite a bit of detritus. From stray ashes and pieces of bark on the hearth, to the actual emptying of ashes in the grate, fires are a messy business. Not to mention the smell, which can be pleasant enough until it becomes tiresome. Electric fireplaces have none of those.


Fire and even a gas fireplace have the dangers inherent of flames. Electric fireplaces don’t have flames, per se, and the heat which is emitted had been compared to warm air coming out of a hairdryer. There is no open flame, no chimney, and no carbon monoxide. The only thing which is too hot to touch is the actual heating element, which means it’s a good idea to use the standard safety precautions one would with any heat-producing device.


No pollution

Without burning wood, an electric fireplace doesn’t create the particulates which have added to the dirty Phoenix air. Which means on ‘no burn days’ designated by the Maricopa Air Quality Department here in the Valley, the electric fireplace owner can bask in the warmth of his electric fireplace, comforted by the knowledge that he isn’t adding to the pollution problem.


You can choose an electric fireplace with backlighting, side lighting, or even varying colored flame effects. You can also have the flame without the heat, which is handy in summer when you’d like to be mesmerized without breaking into a sweat.


Electric fireplaces can be inserts, mantles, or hung on the wall, much like you would a piece of art. There are forced air and infrared forced options. A forced air model can heat up to 400 square feet and an infrared model will heat close to 1000 feet., for those who have a more significant area to heat.

Because of the number of options an electric fireplace offers, it can be the focal point, such as an entertainment center model, or a more subdued part of a room like a wall unit.

Even if you opt to purchase a clean, versatile, beautiful electric fireplace, don’t forget the smoke detector, because safety is never an option. If you need an outlet for the location you’ve chosen for your new fireplace, give us a call.

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