Five Ways a Good Electrician Can Impact Your Business

Sooner or later, a business, whether it’s brand-new and needs everything from the ground up, or whether it’s an established business with most of the problems ironed out, is going to need a licensed, bonded, insured electrician. There is no doubt that a better electrician can save you money, not only on your monthly electrical bill but also long-term.

Below we’ve listed five ways a good electrician can impact your business:

1)      Lighting. Because electricians regularly deal with lighting plans, both in new-build situations and remodeling of existing buildings, they can advise you on what would work best in your situation.  If there is one thing that customers, clients, and employees all universally love, it’s good lighting. A well-lit sign provides effective advertising. Ambiance lighting makes customers feel good and therefore invites them to linger long and return often. Changing your LED lighting to CFL lighting can make an impressive difference in your electricity costs. Quality lighting can portray a business as professional, safe, and efficient and makes employees happier and therefore more productive. Your electrician can also analyze your security needs, and which areas might be best suited to motion lights or a timer instead of a costly, constant supply of light.


2)      Music. The Association for Consumer Research says that not only will lighting impact a shopper’s mood when it’s time to buy, but the store music also plays a part—positively or negatively. So, when you crank up the tunes or page customers in your retail store or restaurant, make sure it isn’t through a scratchy, third-rate sound system. Customers expect a much higher quality of technology than they did even a few short years ago.



3)      Safety. This not only includes adequate electrical code compliance but emergency lighting and alarm systems, as well, thereby increasing the security of your property, employees, and customers. A good electrician is also trained to troubleshoot for a myriad of electrical hazards and find solutions to manage those risks.


4)      Energy savings. Your electrician can save you money with his expertise in smart technology, find ways to minimize electrical use during peak-use times and suggest energy-efficient equipment and lighting. Sometimes it makes more sense to replace that HVAC rather than repair it; your electrician can tell you if and when that’s the case. He can provide your business with a complete energy program that will save you money long-term. In ways too numerous to list, a good electrician can provide you with money-saving skill and experience.



5)      Maintenance.  A licensed electrician can do more than advise you on that backup generator to keep your doors open during a power failure; he can provide repair services for your electrical systems and equipment.



In short, a quality electrician is someone you want to have a working relationship to have his expertise available to you when you need it, instead of scrambling to find someone to fit the bill after something has already happened.

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